Blood Lead Analysis


Biological monitoring of workers or persons exposed to hazardous substances such as lead

Required Specimen

10-ml whole blood sample collected using a lead-free heparinized (green top) tube.

No fasting is required prior to blood collection.

All tubes must be properly labeled, with the name, age and gender of the patient.

Clotted and hemolyzed blood samples will not be accepted.

Samples should be transported to the laboratory within 24 hours after collection.

In case of delay, the samples should be transported in an ice bath (do NOT freeze), properly sealed to ensure non-leakage of specimens.

Collection and Receiving of Specimen

For Walk-in Clients

Samples collected are pooled and analyzed in batches of five (5). Persons requesting for analysis should contact tel. nos.+63.2.524.7102 or +63.2.526.5966 for scheduling.

For Clinical Laboratories

A minimum of five (5) blood samples from clinical laboratories/companies may be received from Monday to Friday during office hours.

A list of the names, age, and gender of employees should be submitted together with the samples.

For In-plant Extraction

A minimum of 30 employees is required for on-site extraction by the phlebotomist of the Department. Transportation may be provided by the requesting company.

Releasing Results

For Walk-in Clients

One week after extraction

For Clinical Laboratories/Companies

Two weeks from date of receipt of sample/s (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Reference Values – For children <6 years: Centers for Disease Control (CDC): 10.0 µg/dl For adults:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): 20.0 µg/dl

American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH): 30.0 µg/dl

Occ. Safety & Health Center (OHSC), Dept. of Labor and Employment: 40.0 µg/dl