Certification Course for Water Refilling Station and Plant Operators

A. Rationale

The influx of water refilling stations in most urban communities is the private sector’s response to the perceived safe water supply needs by households. While supplementing the services provided by public water utilities, these refilling stations also carry out a significant role in promoting public health and in preventing waterborne illnesses among the population. This course provides the basic training on public health, water resources and water purification technology to equip the water refilling station operators with knowledge to ensure safe and wholesome water supply for the public.

This course is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Health. It is designed to comply with the training requirements for operators as stipulated in the Implementing Rules and Regulations for Water Refilling Stations [Section 9.5.1, Chapter II of the Code on Sanitation of the Philippines (PD856)].

B. Objectives

The main goal of the course is to enable the participants to evaluate the techniques and processes applicable to refilling stations that will ensure safe and wholesome water supply to protect public health.

Specifically, at the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

1. adhere to the laws and policies pertinent to the maintenance and provision of safe drinking water;

2. assess the qualities of safe water;

3. conduct periodic water assessment;

4. submit properly collected water sample for microbiological and chemical examination to accredited laboratories;

5. technically manage a water refilling station; and

6. promote water sanitation and safety.

C. Target Participants

1. Water refilling station owners and operators

2. Sanitary inspectors

3. Local health personnel

4. Others, as the course may deem applicable

Course Description