Master of Occupational Health Course Description

Collection, presentation and elementary analysis of data. 72 hrs (24 class, 48 lab) 3 units.

Ecology of human diseases and epidemiologic methods. 72 hrs (24 class, 48 lab) 3 units. Prereq: Biostat 201 or consent of instructor.

Theoretical framework in planning and managing the health system. 32 hrs lect, 2 units.

Application of planning and management principles to the health system. 48 hrs (16 lect, 32 workshop) 2 units. Prereq: HPAd 201.

The place and scope of preventive medicine in industry; the relationship of occupation to disease and the place of physiological hygiene in public health. 40 hrs (24 class, 16 field and lab demonstrations) 2 units.

Lectures and laboratory sessions illustrating the principles and methods of recognizing, evaluating, and controlling environmental hazards and air pollution. 48 hrs (16 class, 32 lab) 2 units. Prereq: OH 201.

Entry, action and elimination or detoxification of toxic substances. Design of toxicity experiments, dose and effect relationships. Toxicity of chemicals, (32 hrs class) 2 units. Prereq: OH 201.

Physiological responses of man to various stresses in the environment. 32 hrs (class) 2 units. Prereq: OH 201.

Causes and effects of pollution. 16 hrs (class) 1 unit.

Survey, analysis and recommendation regarding health and safety problems in workplaces visited. 16 hrs (lect) and 48 hrs (field) 2 units. Prereq: OH 202.

Health surveillance, health promotion and maintenance in the workplace. 32 hrs (class) 2 units. Prereq: OH 201 and HPAd 201.

Clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis, prevention and treatment. 32 hrs (class) 2 units. Prereq: OH 201.

Elements of disability evaluation, labor laws affecting management, workers, health personnel in industry. Legal responsibilities of physicians and nurses. 32 hrs (class) 2 units. Prereq: OH 208.

Fundamentals of sanitation in the workplace. 16 hrs (class) 1 unit.

Fundamentals and principles of safety in industry. 32 hrs (class) 2 units. Prereq: OH 201.

Mechanisms of occupational lung disorders and their control. 32 hrs. (class) 2 units Prereq: OH 208.

Fundamentals and principles of ergonomics for the development, design and testing of human-machine-environment system for maximum performance and human welfare. 32 hrs. (class) 2 units. Prereq: OH 202.

Development and design of human machine-environment systems 56 hrs (8 hrs lect, 48 lab demonstration and field) 2 units. Pre-req: OH 214

Occupational health practice in the workplace. 3 units. Prereq: Must have passed all other core courses.

Discussion on issues and concerns in occupational health and safety. 16 hrs (class) 1 unit.

Time and credit to be arranged with major professor. 3 units.