Physicochemical Analysis of Water


Routine physical and chemical analysis of drinking water includes determination of the following parameters: color, odor, turbidity, pH, alkalinity, calcium, chloride, conductivity, iron, magnesium, sulfate, total dissolved solids (TDS), total hardness, and calcium and magnesium hardness.

Method of Analysis Titration/Spectrophotometry

Required Sample At least one (1) liter (1000 mL) collected in a container made of chemically resistant glass, polyethylene or hard rubber. Do not use plastic containers for samples containing organic composites. Samples from wells should be collected only after sufficient pumping. Samples from rivers or streams should be composite sample from three depths. For samples from distribution systems, the lines should be flushed sufficiently. Transport the sample immediately after collection, otherwise, refrigerate the sample.

Receiving of Samples Monday to Wednesday during office hours

Releasing of Results One week after receipt of sample during office hours

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