Postgraduate Course in Occupational Health and Safety

A. Rationale

This course is offered by the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila which is the SEAMEO-TROPMED Center for Public Health, Hospital Administration, and Environmental and Occupational. It is in response to the felt need to provide physicians, nurses, safety engineers and other relevant professionals the necessary competencies to effectively carry out occupational health and safety programs for workers in all places of employment.

The course is pursuant to Article 159, Chapter I, Title I, Book IV of the Labor Code of the Philippines. Furthermore, Section 6-b and 6-c of Rule I, Book IV of the Implementing Regulations authorizes the College of Public Health, University of the Philippines to conduct the required training course in occupational health for physicians and nurses.

B. Objectives

1. At the end of the course, the participant should be able to:

2. describe the scope and impact of occupational health and safety on the worker, the industry, and the community as whole;

3. define his/her role in relation to the other members of the health team, management, labor and other related community agencies and resources;

4. describe the workplace health and safety hazards as well as their evaluation and control.

5. discuss the clinical aspects of occupational diseases including their psychosocial implications; and

6. demonstrate skill in the planning of occupational health and safety programs.

Course Description